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Weingut Treis

Weingut Treis F.J.
Boos von Waldeckhof 1
56856 Zell-Kaimt

Tel. +49 6542 5560
Fax +49 6542 5739



Winery Treis

The present Treis wine growing estate in Zell’s Kaimt district, was built in 1550. The building is one of the most magnificent half-timbered houses in the Mosel valley. It belonged to the noble family of Boos von Waldeck, which dates back to 1242 and is a branch of the Trier ministerial dynasty von Waldeck, who were later granted an earldom.

Treis, Friedrich Josef
Boos von Waldeckhof 1a
56856 Zell-Kaimt
Phone +49 6542 5215
Fax     +49 6542 5739