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Weingut, Vinothek Axel Pauly

Weingut, Vinothek Axel Pauly
Hochstraße 80
54470 Lieser

Tel. (0049)6531 6143



Axel Pauly had already travelled a lot in the world. He worked at wineries in California and New Zealand and completed an internship at the German Embassy in Stockholm during his studies at the University of Viticulture in Geisenheim. But moving away forever was out of the question. His love of his homeland was simply too great for that - and his connection to the family winery, which he runs today with his parents Rudolf and Ursel, who are still very active in the business.

If you travel through this idyllic region on the Middle Moselle and come to the newly built 70 square metre Paulys Vinotheque, you can hardly believe the severe setbacks the family had to contend with five years ago. In July 2011, a major fire destroyed the entire production and storage hall, and only seven weeks later hail destroyed almost the entire vineyard area. Axel Pauly briefly thought of stopping, but instead of resigning, he rebuilt the business. With his wife Sabrina and with his parents. And finally with unbelievable success. In 2014 Gault Millau awarded the winery the second star, Eichelmann named him one of the climbers of the year on the Moselle, Stuart Pigott voted him one of the 111 best young winemakers in Germany and Spätburgunder is mentioned in Carsten Henn's book "111 Deutsche Weine, die man getrunken müssen".

Its trademarks are clear fruit aromas and low alcohol content in the modern wines typical of the region, where Riesling naturally plays the main role, as it does everywhere on the Moselle. In addition, the Paulys also produce a small number of high-quality red wines from the barrique, which are regularly selected among the best in the region. The wines stand out not only because of their taste, but also because of their labels, designed by Swedish designers.
On closer inspection, the three curved lines turn out to be the profiles of the three Pauly generations Peter, Rudolf and Axel. The appearance of the vinotheque, completed in 2015 and equipped with natural materials, is as clear and authentic as the wine stylistics of the winegrowers: facade, floor and counter in natural slate, the interior walls with larch cladding, the large table in oak. A walkable glass pane allows a view into the barrique cellar in the basement, while a staircase between the sales room and the entrance leads into the wine cellar of the old building.

The three-sided glass façade of the wine cellar and the wooden terrace in front of it offer an enchanting view of the steep slopes. A 360-degree panorama of the vineyards of the Axel Pauly estate can also be seen from the roof terrace above. One only has to stand here and look into the area, then one can well understand why Axel Pauly did not stay in the distance and why he withdrew again, home to the Middle Moselle.