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Weingut Weckbecker

Weingut Weckbecker
Oberstr. 21
56254 Moselkern

Tel. +49 2672 1553



The Weckbecker Winery is a small family business which has been involved with winegrowing in Moselkern since 1728. Committed to tradition, but also open to advanced wine culture, the vineyards are managed in the municipalities of Klotten, Müden, Moselkern and Hatzeport along over nearly 25 km of river shoreline. Three generations today work at the winery: Senior Alfred Weckbecker, as well as Josef & Petra Weckbecker with their two daughters Julia and Rabea, who are both currently training to be winegrowers. It is mainly Riesling vines which grow in the vineyards. As they ripen late, they are able to capture the last rays of autumn sun and produce fruity, delicate wines with a refreshing interplay of sweet and tart. Pinot Noir are planted as the late-ripening red-wine varieties, and are generally developed in wooden barrels. The robust red wines are produced by the Dornfelder grape - which is also pressed to make Rosé wines. Numerous gold and silver medals in recent years visibly demonstrate the quality of the wines.