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Winery Willi Schäfer

Weingut Willi Schäfer
Hauptstraße 130
54470 Graach

Tel. (0049) 6531 8041
Fax (0049) 6531 1414



As a deed of donation shows, ancestors of the Schaefer family already cultivated wine in 1121. The winery was always run as a small family business and the passion for Riesling was passed on from generation to generation. Thus Christoph Schaefer joined the winery in 2002 and benefited from the wealth of experience of his father Willi. In the summer of 2015 Willi put the family's life's work completely into the hands of his son Christoph, who has been running the business together with his wife Andrea ever since.

The small vineyard of 4.2 hectares is located in the steep top locations of Graacher Domprobst and Graacher Himmelreich, as well as in the Wehlen sundial.

The Willi Schaefer winery is known for its elegant Rieslings full of character. Almost weightlessly these wines inspire with fine fruit acidity, perfectly balanced sweetness and enormous longevity. In order to achieve this, the Schaefers rely on an elaborate harvest, a careful ageing in traditional fudder barrels and on their gut feeling. Although there are only a few bottles, the winery receives international attention.