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Weinmanufaktur Schneiders

Weingut Schneiders
Hauptstr. 24
56829 Pommern

Tel. +49 2672 93670



The Schneiders Wine Factory is located in Pommern, on the Lower Moselle. “Preserving the good and being open to the new”. This central theme has been recurrent through the Schneiders Wine Factory’s history since the reputable establishment was founded in 1907. Today, Nicole and Daniel Schneiders manage the Schneiders Wine Factory with their long-time colleague Klaus Johann. Constant product quality, close proximity to customers and a high degree of customer satisfaction are the top priorities of the family business’ philosophy. The Schneiders Wine Factory's vineyards are classified in quality categories 1 and 2 - the group for outstanding wines. By reducing harvests and making optimum use of the natural conditions, the quality of the Schneiders wines is primed to the highest level. LENUS MARS The son of the wine estate’s founder discovered a bronze statue of the god Lenus-Mars near the Martberg. This statue - exhibited at the Bonn regional museum - continues to adorn the labels and equipment at the Schneiders wine factory. LENUS MARS is a protected trademark of the Schneiders Wine Factory.