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Weinstuben und Straußwirtschaften

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Wine taverns and “Straußwirtschafts” are just as much part of the Moselle region as the grapes and wine themselves (They have a long tradition).

A “Straußwirtschaft” is an inn opened seasonally by winegrowers to serve their homemade wine at certain times of year. (This right presumably dates back to an order by Charlemagne. The wine-selling period has long been indicated by a decorated spray/bunch of flowers, a broom or a wreath.)


Every establishment has its own ambiance, whether it be a cosy wine tavern, a lovingly appointed interior courtyard or a sunny terrace.

Taste the racy, subtly fruity home-grown wines, accompanied by simple Moselle-region specialities prepared by the winegrower’s wife, in a comfortable, informal atmosphere.


The winemakers look forward to seeing you.




The trend which starts in our vineyards continues in our cellars: Classic, quality-oriented development is required, particularly for a Riesling wine. Many winegrowers have found their own style, far removed from monotonous mass products. In recent years, the term ‘individuality’ has thus become a trademark of our region and its wines.


Wine is more than a drink; it is also a living cultural legacy.

The vineyards situated on steep slopes produce Riesling and Pinot Noir wines of the highest quality.

See for yourself.