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White House Forest (Weisshauswald)

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If you're looking for relaxation to recover from everyday stress and wish to expand your knowledge about forest, flora and fauna, then come to the White House Forest Recreational Area just outside Trier on the west side of the Moselle. On foot, you can reach the car park at the White House Fountain (Weisshausbrunnen) from the city centre in about 30 minutes by crossing the Kaiser Wilhelm Bridge. By car, you can reach the recreational area via the road B 51 (Bitburger Strasse). Car parks are available at the White House Fountain and at the game preserve (Wildfreigehege). The "Forest Rope Garden" in the local recreation area Weisshaus Forest began in June 2008. Projects for educational experience are offered here "up in the air." Forest teaching path The forest teaching path, set up in 1985 and 3.5 km (2.10 mi) long, begins at the Forest House on a meadow with irregularly planted deciduous and evergreen trees. It then leads through constantly changing forest scenes, that is, stands of trees according to kind and age. Twenty-five kinds of deciduous and evergreen trees each are marked on the route as well as 26 varieties of shrubs, all with name plates. Nineteen of these different trees are those described with examples at the Forest House. Eleven different panels give explanations describing species, age, methods of care and thinning out, harvesting age and biomass production. The age, height, cubic mass of timber and the sale value of the wood are given for four kinds of trees (pine, oak, fir and Douglas spruce). Other signs inform about damage to trees, protective measures and tree improvement. Before the forest teaching path ends at the "Forest House", it takes you first through the game preserve. Game preserve Before the forest teaching path ends at the "Forest House", it takes you first through the game preserve. Children can enjoy the playground next to the game preserve free of charge. There are ten different pieces of playground equipment, for example, a Roman guard tower, a tower with slide, a seesaw with swing, climbing apparatus and a sand box. There is plenty of seating for the visitor at the playground and in the game preserve, an invitation to a long, cosy picnic. further Information: