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Golden rules for boat tourists in the Moselland

Vast parts of the Moselle, Saar and Sauer and their banks are expressly valuable, protected nature areas. You can contribute to maintaining these areas, where nature can be experienced, for years to come by practicing considerate behaviour.

  • Please do not drive in and around the plant population (e.g. reed, cattail), directly on the banks or through bayous of the Moselle, because these are quite often breeding grounds for birds and fish, which are very sensitive towards disturbances. Groups should stay together.
  • Avoid noise, because not only animals feel disturbed by it.
  • Along the Moselle, Saar and Sauer special landing-stages have been designed for water tourists to embark, disembark or rest. Please make use exclusively of these options in order to protect the other areas of the banks.
  • Please dispose of waste in the waste containers at the designated embarking and disembarking areas or rest areas.
  • You may overnight at one of the designated camping areas and youth campgrounds or one of the many hotels, pensions and inns. Wild camping is strictly prohibited throughout the valleys of Moselle, Saar and Sauer.
  • Please be considerate of anglers.
  • Please be considerate of other Moselle visitors. Take care that all guests can enjoy their visit on the Moselle, Saar and Sauer rivers.
  • For your own safety you should wear a life jacket.