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Moselland, wonder of nature

The Moselle and the Saar rivers serve as waterways, but also offer habitats and nourishment for various species of flora and fauna. In the upper reaches of the sluices the stream velocity of both rivers is slower. Many species of fish use these waters as spawning grounds. On the flat banks softwood floodplain forests with alders and willows extend into the Moselle. They offer breeding grounds and sources of nourishment for many species of birds and insects. In spring small bird species such as reed-bunting or marsh warblers can be heard. One can often watch a grey heron searching for food. On the open banks, meadows and bush land border the water. One can find purple loosestrife or yellow loosestrife in colourful blotches.

The flood plain landscapes of the Saar are important habitats for amphibians and birds such as common frogs and river plovers; the grey heron colonies are good to observe. A fantastic mosaic of landscapes unfolds for those travelling on the water in the flood plains. From the mouth of the Saar River near Konz to the primeval forest-like wooded slopes near Taben-Rodt, the water route heads through various reserves, some of which are famous in Europe. Unlike the Moselle and Saar rivers, the Sauer is still home to largely near-natural flood plain areas with high structural diversity and the typical species such as river dragonflies. Control of recreational usage is necessary to preserve this. Due to the breeding seasons of many animal species between March and July, the riverbank areas here are to be avoided.

Water touring in the Moselland is a special event. Please help us preserve nature and habitats around the Moselle, Saar and Sauer by practising considerate behaviour.

Please note: Canoeing on the Sauer is controlled by specific regulations. For information on the latest legal regulations, contact the Northern Structural and Permits Department (SGD Nord), Trier Regional Office for Water Management, Waste Management and Soil Protection, Deworastraße 8, 54290 Trier, Telephone:0651/4601-0, e-mail: