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Wine cultural centre with museum and vinotheque

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The "Mosel-Wein-Erlebniswelt" uses a multimedia presentation to illustrate the history of the Moselle region. Inform yourself at 19 information terminals about terroir, steep-slopes, grape varieties and much more.  Newly acquired knowledge can subsequently be put to the test by way of a wine tasting in the vinotheque with a selection of 150 wines and sparkling wines.

Wine museum
 We invite you to an expedition in a fascinating wine cultural landscape with a  history of over 2000 years, which offers again and again new perspectives and  facets. The region of the Moselle is Germany's oldest viticultural region and one of the classical European viticultural regions. The steep slopes of the river valleys are densly planted with vines, the steep slopes are significant for this region like for no other viticultural region in the world.
 Please enjoy hours of easy going in one of the latest multimedia-museums of Germany, and this on more than 1000 informative pages with many movies and animations and transfer your knowledge later on during a pleasant wine tasting in the Moselle-Vinotheque. In cooperation with the world-famous research institute for viticulture in Geisenheim, this project testifies the impressive handling of tradition and modern times in the Moselle region.

 In the historic cellars of St.-Nikolaus-Hosipital, with their vaults, a very special facility of wine  culture at the Moselle has been established in the form of a vinotheque. More than 160 wines, from quality wine, high-growth, cabinet, late selection and selection wines, via berry- and dry berry selections to ice wine the wine interested consumer will find everything nice for their sense of smell as well as their sense of taste.
 A representative survey of the varieties and sites of a complete viticultural region.