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Cuisine & gastronomy of the Moselle

The cuisine of the Moselle is diverse – indigenous and international at the same time. On the menus of the region, an increasing number of initiatives such as “Regional Erste Wahl” (Regional First Choice) and “Köche und Winzer der Terrassenmosel” (Chefs and Winemakers in the Terrassenmosel region) ( have one essential common goal: fresh produce from local producers. Included in this are soups and sauces refined with wine as well as desserts sweetened with honey, delicious vineyard peach liqueur and herbs from the many herb gardens of the region. In addition to meat of all varieties, fish dishes, served hot and cold, are true specialities. So, for example, smoked eel, baked trout and roach pickled in sour vinegar sauce are typical of Moselle wine festivals

Just as popular are beef with tartar sauce, Tresterfleisch (pork marinated in wine spirits), Winzersteak (pork neck in wine) and “Wingertspool”, translated literally as Weinbergspfahl (vineyard pole), but here as a handy wooden skewer. In addition, potatoes are served in many ways: as soup, potato fritters, dumplings, steamed “Dämpesja” and jacket potatoes with herby curd cheese. Tertich or Cräwes is also very typical in this region: puree with sauerkraut – also served as a stew with knuckle of pork. Or tuber as a meal prepared in a pan or an oven – refined with smoked meat, onions or leeks. The preparation varies just as much as the name – from Scholes to Debbekoche. Escargot, asparagus in Riesling foam and chestnut and walnut creations enrich the menu on a seasonal basis.

The high-quality establishments under the Moselle umbrella brand have completely committed themselves to providing regional cuisine and using regional produce.